Do you know it is now possible to track your website visitors?

Ever wondered if you can track all your website traffic, what all you would be able to know of your audience. Till now you would have to capture customers information to know about them and their intention. Only challenge with this approach was that less than 1% of traffic would actually convert and fill up form. Right away you lose 99% of traffic intention and their information and thats direct loss of opportunity of leads which might convert.

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Website tracking software’s now have evolved to capture IP of visitors when they open your website and that with reverse DNS lookup, it is possible to know which business or individual has visited your website. You get to know their company name, location, pages visited and more but not exact contact email. Tracking IP was easy with Google Analytics data as Google use to share Network domain data but that is now not available publicly. Still thats not an issue because capturing IP is not rocket science and solutions can capture IP and with data enrichment, it is possible to get all visitor profile.

Let me help you to get started on tracking your website. Have you heard of leadfeeder, salespanel, socialplayer tools? These are standard tools to get started. Here is quick checklist for you,

  • Install smart code provided by these software’s insection
  • Validate this in software’s setting if you have properly installed code
  • That’s it, now you can check your dashboard with details of visitors
  • Setup alerts and notifications for specific traffic and also you can follow companies which visit repeatedly
  • You can setup custom feeds to track certain pages
  • Better advantage comes when you sync this data with email provider like mail chimp which lets you know right away if your email campaign is showing success
  • How about integrating this data without CRM – Salesforce, zoho or other CRM, this will enrich leads data with customer visit history

Advantages of tracking website visitors:

  • You can run ABM campaigns as you know accounts which are visiting your website
  • You can run ads in locations from where visitors are coming and also track their industry and customize your solution for better offerings for your visitors
  • Better sales prospecting as you know your customers interest on pages they have visited beforehand

Concluding remarks is that still IP tracking gives you better insights into your visitors but still you get to achieve data insights of upto 10% visitors and rest 90% goes under as ISP IP which is not worthily for any insights. But 10% is huge number if you got 10k or greater monthly traffic which means you get to know 1000 accounts which are visiting your website and that’s hack for your growth.

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