How to avoid hefty fines for your messaging program?

Messaging compliance needs to be taken care with utmost responsibility by Privacy and Security team of every organizations.

optin/ opt-out

There are many organizations who paid millions of dollars in fine for violating regulations such as TCPA in USA, GDPR in Europe, CASL in Canada and more.

Consent is king for busiensses to operate safely in any messaging regulated country. You take consent before sending messages to your customers. Marketing communications needs to be handled very carefully and every marketer should make sure they have explicit consent from their leads and contacts before initiating any SMS. Prior explicit consent can be recorded through website, forms, emails, and written record.

Compliance in messaging is tricky as you have different phone numbers amd different type of content for your SMS programs. You needs to selective opt-in and opt-out and also capability to manage consent on different phone numbers separately. Here’s catch for your emergency messaging needs, you can bypass consent record and send SMS even if customer has not opted in to your messaging program.

SMS-Magic is one solution that offers sophisticated compliance for SMS. Compliance on phone number, content type and sender id gives you full fledged flexibility to manage customer consent and ensures you are not sending to your prospects and customers who have not given you consent.

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