’Be where your customers are’ is key to growth hacking of B2B sales. Are you present at right place?

Customers in todays digitally connected world use plethora of digital apps to remain connected with their acquaintances. You need to identify right channel for your business and target them at their grounds. For example, for mortgage industry mostly target their clients on whatsapp as its most preferred channel of their clients and WhatsApp rich media communications simplifies information sharing.

WhatsApp is ranked as top channel with more than 1.5 billion active users and next ranks Facebook messenger. On basis of your geographic location you can choose to be present on both or any of them and get your business communications started. WhatsApp is predominantly used in APAC, Messenger in U.S.A., WeChat, Line in China and Japan respectively.

Tools such as socialplayer takes your burden to setup your presence on Facebook Messenger with business verified page tag and helps you acquire WhatsApp business official account. Getting it verified from Facebook it takes time and effort if done without guidance and you May risk your application blocked as well. Hence we advice to take guidance from social media managers from #socialplayer.

We help you set messenger on your website. Usescases range from collecting quality leads, servicing your customers to closing new deals with product sales. We can get your agents driven conversation and bot driven and also combination of both as per your requirement.

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