Digital Marketing Woes: Engaging website visitors and generating SQLs

B2B businesses heavily rely on quality leads amd it is proven that most of leads which convert do come from your business website. It is smart strategy to engage your website visitors on their first visit. Key is to identify their intent and serve them contextual guidance.

With key shared, now you need to built up chatbots who capture intent from visitors. Setting this up and asking too many questions on chatbot can push away your leads without giving you quality lead. Idea is to remain connected with all visitors even if they leave your website after one visit. This is omnichannel strategy where they cam continue their conversation with your business later onwards as well.

All this is possible with socialplayer.

Wondering how ?

We power Facebook messenger bots which can engage leads with automated conversations. Not only this we help you with agent driven and bot driven both conversations simultaneously at one time. There is seamless handover without customers knowing of this change amd giving them beat experience. We provide capability to set up contact center for service related bots as well. Service related bots will be discussed in later blogs.

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