Is Your Business Not Performing On Facebook

Social Media Marketing is key to get new business with quality leads enrolling for your business. But here's a catch, most businesses are not able to break egg shells of 10-15 likes or they have 0 shares and almost negligible enegagement on thier accounts.

Let's first corner facebook and make your facebook page a "Star performer" in terms of enagegement. Why have we chose Facebook among Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social channels ? That's beacuse Facebook has huge base of more than 1.5 billion users which is apt for any B2C business..

Don’t Consider Like as a Lead – a ‘Like’ is just the start. You still have plenty of work to do before they become receptive to your marketing messages.


Top 7 key startegy to drive enagagement of Facebook Page:

  1. Posting quality information over quality, facebook algorithms work counter intitutive if your one poor quality post is not liked, shared then it's more probable that your next content on facebook is not going to get likes or shares. Hence keep your posts on facebook page of quality amazing content.

  2. Use Facebook Live Videos to Boost engagement as Facebook algorithsm gives preference to Live videos than to any post shared on Page.

  3. Are you tracking insighsts from facebook posts? If not then you are missing your guide to Success? Why? Because Facebook by default guides
  4. you in terms posts engaement demography(region, language,), best time to posts and more. Next time you promote any post, use these key insigths along with "Top fan" segment users, that would be creating chain reaction in terms of engagement.
  5. Consider reaching out to influencers and top people in your industry and get them interviwed on your facebook page to bring their users to your page. This would propel them to post thhis interview on their page which would bring lot of engagement on your facebook page

  6. Timing of posting is very important. Test days and time on post and do that share post on specific time to achieve advantage of time plus point.

  7. Be consistent in your posts, and make sure you posts what your users like and not what you like.

  8. Put enagaging questions on posts where you ask your audience to leave a comment and make sure you reply to that comment and drive engagement.

All seven strategies listed here are somewhat applicable for other social media channels, but don't blindly follow same for other. Follow digiOmega, to know about Linkedin Marketing, Twitter marketing, Pininterest Marketing and more digital marketing strategies.