How to get 1000 visitors traffic to your new website on launch?

I know what is going on your mind.
You were all ready to launch your brand-new site until you realized no one is coming to it.
So, you are trying to find out the ways to learn how to fix this, but for the life of you, your traffic won’t go up no matter which tactic you leverage. What you’re feeling right now is a common threat.

Don't worry

Its very simple, We will give few hacks below, keep reading.


Checklist to ensure you are ready for measuring traffic and reaching your audience.

  1. Set up your Google Analytics Account and add a tracking script on your website.

  2. Setup Google search console for your website

  3. Now work on Onpage SEO
    1. Know your business audience, where they are, region, location, industry and know your competitors

    2. To get started choose any tool such as Spyfu, Semrush, über suggest etc., to look for what keywords your competitors are ranking

    3. Create your list of keywords and now we have to include them on website title, description, URL, meta tags and content body

    4. Make sure you add the scheme to your website as Google bot scans your website scheme rather than your all content and it looks for keywords and tries to understand what this website is for and accordingly ranks in SERP

    5. Add open graph tags, social media. Meta tags for making the website compatible with social media rendering. Do you know that continuous 4 posts per week engagement on social media ranks you 40% higher on Google? Plan and schedule your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook post here on Socialplayer.

    6. Do you know about Local SEO, Global SEO, content strength, follow, no-follow tags, sitemap?

    7. For your blogs make sure it is exhaustive with word count >2000 and keywords are included in its title, URL, content.

    8. That’s all changes for on-page SEO, now let’s look at how to see incoming traffic

  4. You need to submit a sitemap (get your sitemap here) to Google to tell which pages on your site need to be tracked. Generate a site map from Google and submit it on Google Search Console

  5. Visit console again to see what all keywords you are ranking for , whats are your top pages, your SERP features- logos, product, FAQ, Breadcrumbs, Organization etc for which your site ranks, also you can fix is any issue google identifies.

  6. Now go to Google Analytics, see your traffic sources and get insights and check if you are on track to 1000 visitors in a month.

  7. Have you explored SEO plugins for WordPress like Yoast, RankMath etc., which are good for starters to create right content with right SEO.

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